Complex community website: Is Bubble suited for this usecase?

Hi! just found out about bubble and it looks amazing! I wonder if I can use it for a project I’ve been eager tio do for a long time, but not been able to since I’m not a developer. Would be great if some of the more experienced users here can help me judge if Bubble is the right too for the job.

I currently have a website organizing some data from a local community around Magento (an open source ecommerce platform). Currently built in Wordpress and all maintained by me. I want to expand the data much more and have community members maintain their own data so it becomes way more dynamic.

I have (or will have) many “objects” or tables with information like:

  • Companies
  • Company offices
  • Employees (Users/Accounts)
  • Clients
  • Projects
  • Events
  • Jobs
  • Articles/Blogposts

And of course all these items are interlinked. Some one-to-many relations (like 1 company with many employees) and some many-to-many relations (like many companies can be a sponsor of many events and many clients can work with many companies).

The main way I want to show this information is on a website where we will have overview and detail pages of the above objects and users need to be able to search/filter through all the information.

Here is an overview of a current detail page where we have company info listed above and connected clients below (the screenshots in the grid you see):

Website visitors can then click on the client to go to the client detail page and see a similar overview with client details on top and connected companies below:

So also in the frontend, objects are cross-linked with eachother. Currently I only have this with Companies and Clients, but I want to expand that to all objects above so when you go to a company detail page, you can not only see their clients, but also have a nice overview of their employees, the events they host/attend/sponsor, the offices they have, the job openings they have and the articles that their employees wrote etc. etc.

Other requirements:

  • Users need to be able to register, manage their account and manager/edit the above “objects” that they created themselves (or that are somehow linked to their account).
  • Output pages need to be indexable by Google and preferably SEO friendly

Bonus points:

  • if both the app and the user generated content can be made multilingual in some userfriendly way

Let me know what you think and how Bubble fits this usecase. And if you have some extra pointers for me (besides following the tutorial), let me know. It looks really exciting!

In my opinion its doable with bubble :wink:
I recommend you read lot of threads, do the guide lessons and ask whatever you want to know, there’s a great community.


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Hi @gxjansen, welcome to Bubble!

Everything you outlined here is absolutely possible. The key for you will be understanding how to properly structure your database to get all those links right from the beginning and learning how to pass data around (between pages, between elements, etc). Once you have those concepts down, you’re off. Your site is a perfect use case for Bubble.

This forum is a fantastic resource for getting specific questions answered. Feel free to reach out if you’d like some 1:1 support!

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@yusaney1 @romanmg thx for confirming this!

Any pointers on where to find some general pointers on how to do this or where to find information about the setup of such interlinking databases? is a good start. Check out the manual and look at “key concepts” for an introduction to how things work.

This forum is also great for finding things like “adding things to a list” because of all the examples people provide.

There are usually many ways to accomplish the same thing, but some methods may be more efficient and smarter than others. Getting hands on is usually the best way to learn, so I recommend playing around with a test page in your app to get the ABCs.

Create data types with a few fields, create a front end form, and connect the two with a workflow so that you understand how to create new records. Then move a bit forward by displaying your records back in a repeating group or by using texts. Then a bit forward by editing those records with workflows, and so on.

I’ve also got a YouTube channel with quick tutorials on specific things plus a handful of free resources on my site as well (linked in my earlier post).


Thx for the pointers!

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