Need help setting up my AWS Uploader / S3 bucket configs - will pay

Hi there,

I’m happy to pay someone to help me get this going…

I’ve purchased the AWS Uploader and I’ve tried to go through the instructions on how to integrate it with my S3 bucket, but for the life of me I cannot get it to work. I don’t know if I don’t have the S3 integrated correctly with all of the permissions, etc. but the screens that I am seeing on Amazon don’t really match up with the instructions as I believe they have changed.

I really need to get this set up and working and I have been messing with it for 2 days now. Anyone available that can help me get this going?


Probably your Amazon S3 access is not allowed from other websites.
In case, you need additional help we can schedule a call
Additionally, I saw your last post, in case your trying to compress image and then upload it to s3, try these plugins which allows you to perform the operation and directly upload your files to s3(provided your access is allowed from other websites)

Hi @underhill.dan I just see this.
I can help you if you are still needing it.


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Thanks for the offer, but I ended up getting it all sorted out. I actually switched over to Wasabi and I use this AMAZING plug in…

I endorse this plug in whole heartedly. It’s been a literal lifesaver for this current big app project we are building.



Great to hear that !

Regards !