Concurrency & Transactionality updates coming in Bubble?

Hey @bubble team @nick.carroll @jess @allenyang , I am curious if there is any update on Concurrency & Transactionality with the Bubble system since 2018?

@emmanuel mentioned that it is was ‘quite high’ on the Roadmap back in 2018 and that it was going to be fixed soon, so it’s a known issue that needs to be solved and just a nice to have improvement.

I have recently hit limitations in my production app with customers that have Events selling out in minutes and letting more users buy than there should be, so I was looking into the best way to solve things and I can’t find much about issue having been fixed or addressed since Emmanuel’s linked response shown below. There are likely some other things I can do to help my specific issue, but a true solution I think can only happen with improvements to the way Bubble handles concurrent data writes/edits, so any updates with what is happening here would be great as it is a key function for the growth of my app moving forward.


Curious to see if this has been addressed. I’m going to be running into this as well.

Over 4 years and still no improvements that I know of, unless @nick.carroll or @emmanuel know of any updates here?


No updates unfortunately :confused:

This is an area under active discussion though as we are prioritizing projects for Q4/Q1… Will keep y’all posted.

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Ah too bad, hopefully this will be included as a priority item for q4, I am sure every power user would benefit from this :metal:


Any updates?

Nothing that I know of… @bubble @nick.carroll

Any update now? :eyes:

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