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Concurrency & Transactionality updates coming in Bubble?

Hey @bubble team @nickc @jess @allenyang , I am curious if there is any update on Concurrency & Transactionality with the Bubble system since 2018?

@emmanuel mentioned that it is was ‘quite high’ on the Roadmap back in 2018 and that it was going to be fixed soon, so it’s a known issue that needs to be solved and just a nice to have improvement.

I have recently hit limitations in my production app with customers that have Events selling out in minutes and letting more users buy than there should be, so I was looking into the best way to solve things and I can’t find much about issue having been fixed or addressed since Emmanuel’s linked response shown below. There are likely some other things I can do to help my specific issue, but a true solution I think can only happen with improvements to the way Bubble handles concurrent data writes/edits, so any updates with what is happening here would be great as it is a key function for the growth of my app moving forward.


Hey @gf_wolfer

In the meantime, perhaps my plugin Database Lock Plugin | Bubble could be useful for you to manage concurrency.


I looked at it a little but I don’t think this will help as it would then have a queue problem - failing some workflows while locked and then not being able to queue them in proper order to complete after the data is unlocked

Curious to see if this has been addressed. I’m going to be running into this as well.

Over 4 years and still no improvements that I know of, unless @nickc or @emmanuel know of any updates here?


No updates unfortunately :confused:

This is an area under active discussion though as we are prioritizing projects for Q4/Q1… Will keep y’all posted.

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Ah too bad, hopefully this will be included as a priority item for q4, I am sure every power user would benefit from this :metal:


Any updates?

Nothing that I know of… @bubble @nickc