Bubble roadmap and thank you

Hi there boys and girls,

Just want to say what a great platform Bubble is that let´s us create some amazing apps. And the community, you guys are awesome helping each other all the time. Nice place to be.

I´ve searching the past few days for a Bubble roadmap in the forum but I can´t see anything so here is my question, where is the Bubble roadmap? I mean, what can we expect in the upcoming months?

I put together some of the things that I´ve been told they´re working on it, so if you guys want to contribute with it just copy paste the list and add the new ones:

  • New algorithm for server optimization: New algorithm for managing resources on shared plans

  • Database performance optimization: they´re working on the database so RG´s for example will be loading so much faster than now since everyone is having this issue as I´ve read on the forum

  • An updated version of the charts plugin that will let us group and subtotal the data: Chart Plugin: chart.js 2.0

  • Something about the internationalization: I don´t know what that means but for us it´s supposed to solve the issue that we´re having right now with Chrome and the number input masked as “currency” that is not dealing well with “commas” as decimals.

Also I wanted to thank this particular guys in the forum since they´re awesome and I mean it, they really made things possible for us so a big THANK YOU: @levon @copilot @iamsalar @romanmg @NigelG @sridharan.s and of course to @emmanuel the one that stands behind all of our requests. :pray:

Let´s keep Bubble and this community growing and getting better every single day.

Have a great day to all of you.