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Selecting multiple repeating group entries (highlight and selected)


I need to check-in a number of students which are displayed in a repeating group which are fetched from a database

1-After pressing each of the students photo, I want it to a)highlight and b)get selected

how can I do that ? since conditionals helps only when it is continuously pressed and not just one click

As it will publish a post with the selected students checked in

2- How can I create a a select all/ deselect all tabs

The app is illustrated below

You can either make changes right to the database when the Cell is clicked, and use Conditions to highlight the Cell. Or you can use Custom States (recommended, but can be trickier to learn). Here is a link to a discussion about using Custom State lists

Then in the Conditions, you would put 'When Current Cell’s item is in Custom State lists, make background colour different".
Try playing around with the Custom State list and let us know if you have questions or post a link to the Editor (make the app public first) so we can go in and help

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