Condition: when a state's value is changed

I’m a bit of noob, so I might be missing something… Anyhow, I think would be very useful to be able to trigger a workflow when ‘A state’s value is changed’ (similar to ‘An input’s value is changed’).

That is “do when a condition is true” I think …

Hey @thomaslemstrom,

The best (and likely simplest) way to trigger a workflow once on a state’s value has changed is through the Do when condition is true workflow type just like @NigelG has mentioned. Something neat to mention here is the Only when field that was introduced just recently which behaves the same as the condition noted above.


Ok, seems like the way to go. Thanks :slight_smile:

Noob here - Came across this just now and am a little confused. Under “Do when condition is true,” I set it to “run every time” my custom state “is empty” or “is not empty.” However, the workflow doesn’t run.

What am I supposed to put as the condition? Is there another way to perform an action whenever a state’s value is changed?


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