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Is there away to make a group visible after button is clicked?

It looks like the group becomes visible only for that fraction of a second the button is clicked.

I’m guessing you’re using conditional on the group.
That is, when Button is “pressed”, “This element is visible”.
If you did the above you will get the behavior you mentioned.

If you want the group to remain visible, you can easily use a workflow on the button.
First hide the group by unchecking “This element is visible on page load”
Then add a workflow to the button that When the Button is clicked, Show the Group, as shown below:

Btw if your goal is to use the button to toggle the group, then you can use custom state to store the current state (either showing or not) of the group and use the button click action to change the state of the custom state. then use the custom state as a condition on the group.

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This works. You rock! I am not sure how I missed it. I have used the show group before. :relaxed: