Conditional expression cannot be created or edited on multiple elements at this time

Out of nowhere my workfows no longer allow me to make changes showing me this message. This occurs in reusable elements. I’ve always used them to create the flows, now it’s like this…

How do I reverse this and be able to change my flows normally again …


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I think this is related to an ongoing issue with the main Bubble servers - I had the same issue on multiple elements that weren’t reusable. I refreshed and the error message went away, but hopefully whatever the cause is will be reverted soon.

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Same here. But as @msgiblin suggested, just refresh the page. Hope they fix it asap…


Got same issue. Refreshing solves it for a little and then it comes back.


This is happening for me and our team more and more frequently. Constantly refreshing is certainly slowing things down!

Same thing just happened to me. I thought it might be time to start refactoring but this gives me hope that it’s not my fault.

This was my experience some minutes ago, refreshed and it is working now!!

Same issue here from today with latest version of Bubble (25). Refreshing fix it for a few minutes only…

If folks haven’t done so already, you should submit bug reports.

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