Issue that I can't fix

Hello everyone,

I have several issues on my bubble application that are all saying the same thing:

“[name of my element] - remember to fill out when we should show this conditional state”

Except the problem is that I don’t see any problems with my conditions and I can’t seem to fix this. Has anyone encountered this before?


If you post a screenshot of one of your conditions it will be easier to help

I had the same issue - it was due to me changing part of the conditional values from text to an Option Set - but not updating the text values after I had made the change. Although the expression looked correct, and it didn’t highlight in red suggesting an error, the expression wasn’t actually resulting in a correct value.

When I clicked the end part of the conditional, I could re-select the Option Set value instead of the text value - so it was a really quick fix once I had sussed it out.

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