Toggle State - Deprecated?


state is OFF but the element still works as expected.

Making me ask, is this toggle_state feature deprecated? Or am I missing it’s functionality?

This function is only to test in your dashboard, I think… to see how it looks when on

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You’re right. This is just so you can preview it in the editor, it has nothing to do with the app at run-time.


Yes exactly, the on/off switch in the elements conditions may appear at first to be an on or off switch for the conditions themselves, but this is not the case.

The on/off switch will allow for previewing of the condition within the editor. This is really handy for style changes to an element. For instance a text element changes in font colour you might want to check it’s visible when the condition is true or if the font size changes and the text content changes, you can again preview the rendering without having to actually preview and test the condition in its true state.


^^^ this is the correct answer. It’s just to show/hide the visible effects (styling) of the condition being triggered.

Confusion on this point can be forgiven. This IS one of those situations where the contextual help is of little-to-no help…

Leads to…

Which reads:

This button turns the condition on or off. The default is off.



:confused: Yeah Bubble’s documentation there is pretty vague, it could definitely do with further context, as to a newbie user it sounds more like the ability to disable/enable the condition for in app usage rather than internal previewing.

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It’s (the reference and manual) actually open source to an extent. At one point, @neerja had invited me to it… but at a moment when I was too bogged down to do much. Now every time I see stuff like this I’m like… where’s that link again?

But just a note to noobs: Do not be afraid to consult the contextual help as much of the time it actually IS helpful (if a bit brief)!

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