How to add condition to a link

I would like to make a link only clickable or visable when the user clicks a certain button. Does someone have any insight on how to do that?

Use a conditional on the link so it is only visible (or clickable) after the button has been clicked. Base the conditional on a custom state, and set the custom state on the button click.

For example, create a yes/no custom state on the link itself (or on the page, or anywhere you like). Have the link not visible by default (or not clickable), then have a conditional so it IS visible (or clickable) when the custom state value is yes.

Wu a workflow on the button click to set the custom state value to yes - that way, once the button is clicked the link will appear on the page.

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When button A is pressed this link isn’t clickable (unchecked)

By pressed Bubble means literally pressed, so the condition works only as long as you keep the button pressed down. Pressed != Clicked.

Yes, in Bubble there’s a distinction between Pressed and Clicked.

I assumed you mean Clicked in your original post, which is why you need to use your own custom state.

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