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Conditional rules on a field

Hello guys,

This is just an idea since we need that but maybe anyone else will be interested in also:

The goal is to have conditional rules on the field itself with no need to go into the workflow.

How this would work: So just like when you put an “if” conditional on a field in an Excel Spreadsheet. You will just go to the field itself in the backed database view and set this field to have conditional rules based on the values of other fields.

For example: we have field1, field2 and conditionalfield1. So if field1´s value is “A” and field2´s value is “B”, set conditionalfield1 to “OK” but if field1´s value is not “A” and field2´s value is “B”, set conditionalfield1 to “WRONG”.

Just that. That´s the situation and once you have that feature it can be really expandable to our ideas.

The good thing is that it runs in the background so you don´t have to worry about it.

Why not use the workflow? Because sometimes you just need a conditional field, not something like if a value is changed, if an element is clicked, if …

What do you think about it?

Thanks a lot for listening.

(update: I´m attaching an screenshot of an example so you can see how it would work)

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