Conditions that are not well implemented


I have a question to see if someone could solve it for me:

I think I know where I’m going with what I want to do, since I’ve been getting results in other workflows, but I’m running into a problem.

I need that when I change a boolean field, it does an action, this field changes, and it does some actions, but the main one I want it doesn’t do it.
I show examples and explain:
This first image is the field that has to be filled with the ID when the state is yes (The state is in another table that when a worflow ends is deleted, maybe that’s the problem because that data does not exist).

The second image is the WK to put the boolean field in “No” to make that the action I want is not executed for the moment.
Now the problem is that this workflow is in a page, but the workflow that makes the boolean field change from “No” to “Yes” is in another different page and it goes from collecting the information of the Current User to the Current Cell User of a RG, if I achieve that the boolean changes from “No” to “Yes”, but the action of the image that puts the condition “Only When” is not executed, which is the one that allows to write in the field “Groups”.

What errors am I having?