Conditional Text Not Displaying

I have a few equations from math equation calculator plugin on my bubble page and I am displaying that result of those equations with conditional text. However some of the text is not displaying at all. some of the properties are coming up as visible and some are not however none of the text elements are displaying the text under the preview page. Not sure if i’m doing something wrong or if its a bug as i’ve tried everything to get the elements to display the conditional dynamic text. Please let me know if there is any other details required and appreciate the help!!


When on preview page, click Inspect on bottom right, then use the dropdown to select the element you think should be visible to check the conditional evaluation

Check some of these things
1.) open the property editor of you text element > Go to Layout section > element should be visible on page load should be checked
2.) Take a hard look at your conditions. Some times more than one conditions for a element is true at the same time and in that case bubble executes the last condition.
3.) Use the inspector to inspect an element on preview.

If you feel my answer to be wrong at any point please reply it helps me grow.
Happy bubbling