Events, multiple nested conditions


Can’t find in the forum nor the manual…

I need to trigger an Event “Only when” :

(A is true OR B is true) AND C is true

Bubble allows Only when A is true OR B is true AND C is true, without parenthesis.

How could I be sure this will work as I need to ?

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Maybe you can do two workflows. For example:

Workflow 1: Trigger this event “Only when A and C is true”

Workflow 2: Trigger this event “Only when B and C is true”

Would that work for what you need?

Want to learn more?


Hope that helps! :blush:


Thanks for your reply.

Yes I guess it will fit my needs, that’s a remarkable workaround for something that could be much easier natively :slight_smile:

If this one doesn’t exists yet, I’m gonna create a feature request.

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PS. If there are other solutions that don’t duplicate workflows, please shoot :slight_smile:

Glad it works for now. My brain isn’t working at the moment but I am sure there is some way to get it to work in one workflow. Without seeing the workflows though, it is hard to give more direction.

Hey @michelduprez any resolution on this in one workflow?


Maybe you can do all in the same condition and workflow:

Only when

A is true and C is true OR B is true and C is true

Also, you can have the first condition in the workflow and a “Terminate Workflow” with the other condition. To have o yo one workflow :slight_smile: :computer: