Only When condition in Wokflows

So generally I would expect “only when” to behave as below.
(Condition 1 and Condition 3 is true) or (Condition 1 and Condition 4 is true) or (Condition 4 and Condition 2 is true). If any one of the 3 bracketed tests are true then allow the workflow to run.
However it seems Bubble is doing some funny thing like (Condition 1 is true) and Condition 3 or Condition 1) (and Condition 4 or 1 and 2)…
You get the idea. Seemingly I don’t understand grouping or priority or how to bracket. (Take your pick :))
Anyone around that can educate me on how to test for multiple conditions and generate a pass if any of those are met?
So far the only solution it seems is to copy the workflow and put a specific set of tests in that workflow.

do when condition 1 is true and condition 3 is true

You need to use the ‘and’ operator between the 2 conditions.

same as above

same as above

Need to have separate events in the workflow…so you would basically have 3 steps, each step with the other conditional…you can’t do what you would think you could in the sense of saying if condition 1 is true and condition 3 is true OR condition 1 and condition 4 is true.

At least from my experience it is not possible to do two and operations separated by an or operator

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Yea I figured as much. 1 workflow item became 7…