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Make changes to multiple things at once and using multiple if conditions on each change

Hi there.

I’m building a form using dropdown inputs. The options on the questions are texts. Each section has several questions and at the end of the page there’s a button that saves all the information from that section to the database. I do it through the “make changes” automation, as shown in the print screen, and it’s working perfectly fine.

But I want to convert the text information to number. Each question has 4 or 5 text options and I want to put conditions, for exemplo: If the user selected the first text option, then instead of saving that text information on the database, put the number 1, if he chooses the second option, put 2 and so on.

In Excel, that would work this way: =IF(O2=“Insatisfeito”;1;IF(O2=“Pouco satisfeito”;2;IF(O2=“Satisfeito”;3;IF(O2=“Muito satisfeito”;4;""))))

But I have no idea how to do something similar in Bubble.

Thanks in advance!

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