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Update a field based on conditionals in a repeating group

Hello guys,

What a great forum community and a great system is Bubble.

This time I´m having issues with conditional rules on field´s itself. So in another database you could set some conditionals based on others fields content but in Bubble I don´t know how to do this. I´ve tried to get it working with the conditionals that you can set in each field but then I couldn´t send the field data to the database because I was setting the conditional as an initial content but then it won´t get updated in the database.

This is the example: I´ve the invoice lines repeating group with some fields and based on the field that I call “% IVA”, I need to set the “taxtype” field. For example: if the field “% IVA” is “0 %” the field “taxtype” should be “03”, but if the “% IVA” field is “10 %” the field “taxtype” should be “02”.

There will be 10 conditionals on the “taxtype” field, so I think that if we can figure it out one, it will work for ten.

This is the builder app (I´ve just cleared the rules since they´re not working):

Thanks a lot everyone.

I´ve been playing a little bit with it and I´ve just been able to update the field on the database but not with the number shown on the page.

Any ideas?


Hello guys,

I´ve been playing a lot trying to get this solved but it´s kind of impossible for me.

This would be an easy thing to do but I can´t. For example: we have 3 fields named field1, field2, field3.

Now, if the field1value is “A”, the field2 should be “B” and the field3 should be set to “C”.

You can do that with conditionals on the page, but since it´s on a repeating group you cannot send the values to the database.

Can anyone explain how this could be done? Because I can´t find a solution for that and it should be pretty easy.

Thanks a lot everyone.