Confused how to further drill down a repeating group, while maintaining the original filter

I have a reusable element which is a floating group and is a menu. When the user clicks a menu option, it sets it as a state, such as “menu_option_1” or “menu_option_2”. It then navigates to a page which contains a repeating group. Conditional formatting on the repeating group filters it based on the current state set, such as “when state is menu_option_1, set data source as do a search for, and set certain filter criteria” repeating for each of the states there are. This works fine today, but if I then want to have a dropdown with a list of users on that page, where picking a user FURTHER drills down the repeating group, how would I do that?

I can’t wrap my head around this, basically where a repeating group is filtering based on one state value, but now I want user action on the page to further filter/drilldown while maintaining the original filter vs overwriting it.

Can’t you use a conditional on the RG to do additional filtering based on the drop-down menu item selected? Or a new search with the extra constraint attached.

Put a R.G. in a popup that won’t be seen, effectively “hiding” the R.G.

That R.G. is going to have the same set up as the one on the page you have currently to filter based on URL parameter.

Now, the R.G. on you page will use that R.G. hidden in popup as the datasource.

Then when you have a user select from a dropdown list of users, you can have a conditional on the R.G. on page to again use the hidden R.G. as datasource, but this time with a filter.