Connect input fields to database

I really need help please! I’ve done thru the lessons and purchased the courses on udemy and cannot find the correct information anywhere, not even in the form or manual on how to connect my input fields to the database I created. I’ll share the editor link once I get to my computer.

I created a database and added field types to match the inputs on a form I created:

Single input full name
Single input email
Single input phone number

Multiline input questions such as have you ever had a credit score over 600?
*Multiple multiline inputs

Database: credit sweep application
Database field type names shortened to reflect subject of question only
I.e. name
Credit score

I tried creating workflows under elements and others based off the intro video on creating a login form. That’s really the only video I can find on database and input. The manual reads like a different language…

I just need to understand how to connect the input to the database type for credit sweep application please. It’s the basis of my entire app - there will be different pages with for to be filled out.

I did set up the submit button to create a new entry in the credit sweep application and then to reset the input.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I spent about 7 hours between working on it and studying.

Here is the editor link:

Hey, sorry you are having trouble. I can take a look for you to see what is going on. Can you make sure your editor is made public so we can see it? It seems that it is set to private at the moment.

how do I do that?

done. set to public

So it looks like some data was saved. I see that in your App Data. Do you want this saved to a user? Or how do you want to pull up this later.

Oh, I think I figured it out.

I just clicked a button for you. Look at the error message. See if that helps. :slight_smile:

You basically have to “Set Another Field” and look for the input to save it from.

Just assign each field to the input that matches it.

Also, get rid of the Only when “Parent group’s Credit Sweep Application is not empty” condition too.

thank u!

I appreciate your assistance. I have 2 more questions if you wouldn’t mind (if someone else if you are too busy, I understand!):

  1. I have it set to clear and it isn’t clearing when I click on submit
  2. I click to set it to “yes” but I am not seeing it on the questions that are marked as yes/no. I want for them to see the question (label on input) and click on the yes/no question and choose from yes or no

I do see that the data is being saved. thank you for that part!!!

Good job! That’s progress. :slight_smile: For yes/no questions you have to create an input specifically for yes/no. Like a dropdown with only those options, or a radio button option. Then you have to set the data type to yes/no and not just “text” as well

thank you! One more question and then I promise I won’t bother you again:

why didn’t my inputs reset with “step 2: reset relevant inputs”?

pretty sure it’s because the fields are not set correctly. I will work it out. Thank you!

I don’t understand how to fix this and it’s the last step:

Try to remove the Only when statement on the reset relevant inputs.

There might be some more questions. It’s ok. One thing at a time. :slight_smile:

Let me see what else I can help you with to get over the “hump” and start understanding. :slight_smile: I remember going through this too.

So, first, all your data types are type “text” so if you want any data type to be “yes/no” then you need to create a data type like that. Text is fine to get started with to get you to understand things though.

See pic:

For the next part, when inserting the data, don’t forget to select the inputs from your page to insert it into the database.

See pic:

Right now they are all empty. If you want I can do one to show you one as an example if you want. Let me know if you want me to help like that. Sometimes seeing it in your own example is helpful.

Right now I think the reset isn’t working because you aren’t taking the data from the inputs yet. So it doesn’t reset anything because it didn’t take any information from the inputs. I can help you with it if you want me to show you an example on your app.

can you please explain what you mean? and I see that they all say [x] = but I didn’t know that i needed to put something there. I had tried to but nothing made any sense. Can you please give me ONE example so that I know how to set up the rest of them?

I feel so stupid right now. I mean, I speak 5 languages, own 2 businesses, build websites, etc. so I’m really not.

It’s no problem, you aren’t stupid. It is just a learning curve with bubble. Let me do the first one for you and you can see how it works.