From a form to the database? help! Covid related

hi there everyone
have been trying to do a really simple page to collect data from the local community on who is getting sick and where they are. This info is not being tracked and we want to collect it so we can help the volunteers locally understand where the hotspots are. We will also share with the guys at Imperial College if we get enough data. Right now, this is local.
I am ashamed to say I can’t get the database to populate from the form. It feels like this is really simple, but I don’t understand. I have a couple of drop downs, mobile number, a date and a postcode to collect when you hit the submit button.

Saw this but got lost:

Please can someone point me to a tutorial as I am sure most on here are bored of helping these simple things. Apologies.

Nothing to be ashamed of :wink: How are you setting up your workflow right now? It’s difficult to advise because I’m not sure exactly what it is that’s causing you trouble. Post some screenshots.

Yes! i realised when I went to bed that I hadn’t actually attached the screenshots. Here they are. Now, I’ve deleted any of the worksflows I had done. 2 reasons, 1) they weren’t working 2) I was just guessing as to make them work.
I feel like I have set up the fields in the database and have them in the form inputs. But how do Iink them, or do I need to, does bubble know this? Then the submit question. Link that action to writing to the database. I was hoping that this would be a preset on the list of actions to add, like create a thing, make changes to a thing etc.