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Simple Question: Connecting input to submit to post

Hi, I hope you’re well. I’m sure what I’m asking is easy but I’m new here so I’d appreciate the support. I’m looking to do two separate things and am trying to figure it out but I can’t seem to.

The first is I’m trying to connect an input box to a button action. I can make the input box and button but I can’t seem to tell the button to “submit” the information to the input box above it. How would I connect these?

The second thing I’m trying to do with that information is twofold. First, I’d like the text from the input box to save to a spreadsheet or database somewhere. Second, I’d like that information to automatically populate in a text box on another site page.

Is any of this possible? Thanks in advance for helping out a newbie!

That’s all definitely doable :slight_smile:

Are you trying to have a user enter something in to the input box and then save it to the database when they click on the button?

You’ll have to make sure you have a field in a datatype set up in your database for what you want to save.

Then you’ll create a workflow for when the button has been clicked and either create a new thing, or make changes to an existing thing (depending on your case)

And wherever you want to display the information from that field in the database on the user interface you need to set whatever the display element is to get that data from the database.