Connecting a Seller with Stripe

Hello fellow Bubblers.

I am trying to setup Stripe on my web app and I have a few questions:

  1. Can a user connect their existing Seller account using the Stripe Plugin? The use case is that I want to allow users that want to receive payments from a guest staying at their house or a Landlord collecting rent.

  2. Register user as a seller. Once it is setup, does this allow this Seller to take payments for one of the above scenarios?

Hi @brentparker76 - I created a video series on setting up a storefront here using the Stripe.js plugin.

I think the two videos below from the series can help you. Note this demo design is for a storefront app so the “fees” that go to the app owner may not be relevant in your use-case.

Setup Stripe Business Account
Charge Customers with Stripe

Hope these videos will help you with your dev.
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Hello @nikolai do you know how to use stripe plugin to create a seller and create a bank token but instead of routing number and such using IBAN since we are in Europe?