Questions about Stripe


I have some questions about bubble’s Stripe plug in. The reference link for the plugin leads to a blank page.

I’ve installed it into my app and have used it to make test charges. Works fine. Now I need to test when one user has to pay another.

I understand that the recipient needs to register as a seller, but are they really supposed to create and manage a Stripe account? That seems like a lot. And if so, how do they activate it to begin accepting payments and even test payments through a bubble workflow?


You will want to look into the Stripe.js plugin, which handles Stripe Connect accounts (seller accounts). The process is similar to using Bubble’s Stripe plugin but has many differences that may or may not fit the way you intend to enable seller->buyer relationships in your app. There’s a lot of discussion on Stripe.js in the forums worth reading.

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Thank you Phillip

By the sounds of it, it looks as if I can have a user pay a seller without the payee needing to create and manage an entire Stripe account. That’s good.

If I have anymore questions I’ll be sure to come back.



Yes. Sellers have to make an account because Stripe has to report and collect info on seller accounts (tax purposes).

However, you can have the user create their Stripe account right through your bubble application. This takes a maximum of 5 minutes for the seller. Depending on how you setup your app, you can have payouts in 2 days for your sellers, so they never need to actually go to their Stripe account for anything (unless they want to see detailed payout info).

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