Connecting Domain to Bubble

Dear Bubble community,

Please help me connecting domain name.

I bought domain name through Godaddy.

Bubble shows me an instruction to add 2 A records.

I already added 1 A record with @.

However, I cannot create the second A record with www

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Just use the single record. And change the TTL to 600sec.

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Thank you for your help! I added one record and now Bubble says that my app is working.

However, when I type my domain the error is shown.

Is it because I have not published my app yet or it takes time for changer to occur?

@nshikhaliyev Clear browser cache and retest. Though it can take some time.


Dear Neerja, thank you for support!

I cleared browser cache and the same error is shown again. Currently I cannot see my app even in preview mode.

Is it normal process as it takes time for changes or I am missing something important?

Maybe I need to delete some of the records in Godaddy?

@nshikhaliyev Test now. It was missing SSL enabled.


Thanks a lot! Everything works perfectly!

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