DNS Settings Confusion

Good day folks.

I’m adding A-records to my GoDaddy DNS and only one of the records is being added without issue, Bubble says I should add both records but when trying to add the second A-record, GoDaddy gives me an error. See the screenshots below:

What Bubble says I should add to DNS:

What I added so far:

Error I get when trying to add the second record:

I’ve went through a lot of posts on the forum and it looks like everyone else is able to add both the A-records and none of them seem to have a problem with the “www” A-record. Could it be that maybe the “CNAME” record with the “www” is preventing me from adding the second A-record? Or am I missing something perhaps?

UPDATE: I just checked the Bubble settings and this is what I’m seeing:

Does this mean that I only needed to add ONE of the records? If so, then why did Bubble give me two A-records?

I’ve encountered that with GoDaddy before. It’s a bug (of sorts). If you refresh the GoDaddy tab after you add the first A record, adding the second record will go through properly with no error message. But if you try to add a second A record right after the first, that error message will pop up.

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