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Connecting Easypost API

@eduKit EasyPost Error popup

Did you ever get easypost API to work?

Hello, now in 2021 I needed to integrate with EasyPost and I had a lot of problems with authentication of calls, there are some parameters that documentation doesn’t make clear and makes life difficult for the bubbler who needs to use this API.

Here we go: when using CONNECTOR API, you don’t need any type of authentication, you only need to add a parameter in the Authorization header and your API key and this is where the easypost documentation doesn’t explain, how to solve it?
You get your api key add at the end “:” example 48g4fd8g4g48g4gd:
you copy this encrypt with Basic64 UTF-8 the result will look something like this r68gf4rsd8gr68g4s6==
So you get this this code adds in front of it
Basic r68gf4rsd8gr68g4s6==
Copy all this and paste the Authorization value then the result will be
Authorization Basic r68gf4rsd8gr68g4s6==
This will work!

Hope this helps.

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All good, it works! thank you so much for sharing the solution :slight_smile:

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Alex hi,
I have trouble with creating a shipment and have no idea who can help me with this if not you:) Everything works when I create a parcel or an address, but when it comes to shipment I am doing something wrong … If it won’t trouble you too much could you please make for me a screen shot and show your settings for posting a shipment? I am doing everything like in documentation but it gives me this:
Status code 422
{“error”:{“code”:“SHIPMENT.INVALID_PARAMS”,“message”:“Unable to create shipment, one or more parameters were invalid.”,“errors”:[{“to_address”:“Required and missing.”},{“from_address”:“Required and missing.”}]}}

Thank you so much for your help

EasyPost has several shipping APIs.
You should pay attention to whether your demand is domestic or international.
I’ll send the EasyPost postman url here, it has all the correct settings, parameters, body.
Will be able to configure.

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If that’s still difficult for you, I charge $150/h for API integrations.
Just let me know what you want to get from the API result.
I will assess complexity, stipulate time required.
If you approve, just add me as a contributor to your project, enter and make the API settings.
But to be clear, configuring bubble connector API is faster and simpler.
Configure connector API and assemble workflow flows is more complex and time-consuming.