Connecting inputs with one given input

I have an input called Dispute ref. I want a list of others inputs connected to this input; meaning when I call the Dispute ref, all related inputs are displayed. What would be your advise? I have created a new type Dispute but it does not work. Thanks a lot for your support

Use a custom state on the page “reveal Dispute inputs which is a yes or no” data type, add a condition to each Dispute input which says "reveal dispute inputs = yes, then in properties set this element is visible, now be sure the input is not visible on page load, you can also apply this same concept to a group, by grouping these dispute inputs into a group and add the same condition.

The final step is to say in workflow section when input dispute’s value is changed, now add an action set the state of reveal dispute inputs = yes,

you can add a toggle here too when reveal dispute inputs is yes set it to no when reveal inputs is no set it to yes,

Also on the page you can set the state value to default = no, reveal dispute inputs = no

hope that helps

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Thanks @evanlitttle but this is not that clear for me about the steps to go through. Should I create a data type “Dispute” with all the related inputs as a Dispute’s field?
Just to give you an example:

Dispute is the data type (Dispute ref, Dispute name and Dispute surname are Dispute 's fields)
Occurence 1
Dispute ref=TEST
Dispute Name= Smith
Dispute Surname=John

Dispute ref=TEST2
Dispute Name= Dupont
Dispute Surname=Pierre

in a given page, as soon as I type in TEST2, I would like that all related fields are displayed, meaning Dupont and Pierre

Hope it clarifies my need

@evanlittle any further recommendation? I don’t understand what are the following steps