Display data on input forms from previously submitted data

Hello, new Bubble user here, and I’m trying to figure out how to display data from a previously submitted form on the same page. That probably sounded really wordy but essentially the workflow is this: [All on the same page] User submits form → those form input’s default value whenever page is loaded is the user’s corresponding data from the form submitted. Essentially trying to make a submit and edit page all in one area. Not sure if this is the smartest way to go about it either very open to suggestions if there is a better method.

Hi there,

In principle yes this is one good way to go about it (by setting default values to “current users’ stuff”).

Is your question about whether or not this is THE right method only, or are you also having said methods’ implementation issues ?

Yes that is fine to do. What I do is when the user presses the “New form” button it creates the new form data type and navigates to the page sending over the newly created form as the data. Then anything they type in I use autobinding to auto-save changes to the form that is already created.

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I tried to make the default value the current user’s “stuff” and my issue is that the data I’m wanting to make the defualt value would be stored in another data set. For purposes of this question, let’s say the user creates a blog post through a form. I would like to have it be so when they navigate to that page they made the post on the data that is displayed on the input boxes is now the corresponding data that was previously made. Hopefully this makes sense happy to provide screenshots if that helps. Appreciate the help tho

Hi again,

I’m going to assume that the blog post element has a data source of type blog posts and that the edit button only shows in a given blog post if it was created by current user. Not exactly sure if this is your setup but assuming it maybe is this is how i would go about it:

  • configure a custom state of datatype blog post (NOT a list)
  • Set the default value of your input form to the Blog post custom state.
  • when edit button is clicked, set states of aforementioned custom state to “this ‘elements’/parent elements’ blog post” (assuming blog post is a datatype referenced by user datatype)
  • show popup

@tylerboodman correct me if I’m wrong in the approach…

Update, I was able to make the default value method work by changing the fields I originally made in a different table to be a part of the user table. It didn’t really make sense for me to have the data I was storing in a different table now that I have thought about it. Thank you for your help!

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