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Math.js appears to break over night

My app was working perfectly fine last night. When I logged into today, just about everything that relied upon a math.js API call seems broken. While in preview mode, I get a lot of errors that say "Raw error from math.js - API Call: Error: Too few arguments in function f "

I think I remember this happening in the past, and it didn’t resolve itself until I went back and redid each math.js expression. At this point, my app has gotten quite large, and going back to redo each math.js expression would be insane.

Any ideas on how this happened?


If you share a link it’d be easier for others to help. can you share a run mode link

Also, you should ask math.js the links on their own website are broken…


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Ah, good catch. Definitely seems to be on their end. I’m surprised no one else has noticed.

Thanks as usual. Love this platform and its community!

The right way to look at issues like this is to look at the errors in the debugger. When you load your pages you can see the same error is returned by maths.js

Is there any way to perform simple algebra within bubble?

EDIT: Awesome, I see that as long as the inputs are numbers, you can setup some simple formulas. Does bubble support parenthesis yet?

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