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Constrain Search, Date Picker Value

I have two date pickers - Start Date, End Date
I have a repeating group of invoices

I need to constrain the repeating group to invoices that are contained within those dates (Invoice Date >= Start Date value, <= End Date value)

I’ve searched but am not seeing a solution. Can somebody share the solution with me?

If your data source for the repeating group is a search of invoices, click on the search expression and you can add constraints like “Invoice Date > Start” and “Invoice Date < End”

If the source is a list pulled from the page like “Current Users’ list of invoices” or “Current Page Thing’s list of invoices”, you can add a :filtered modifier to do the same constraints. With the filter, though, you can also do an Advanced constraint that lets you create this expression: “Start Date value <-range.-> End Date value contains point This invoice’s invoice date”

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Thanks for the response. We need it to include invoices that fall on the dates in the picker and between. If we use > and <, won’t that ignore invoices that fall on those dates?

You can adjust the Date picker values (in the constraint) by adding or subtracting days (just click on “more” after picker value)…or even changing the hour to midnight. Different ways to do it. The advanced filter I mentioned would grab those days without having to modify the picker values because that expression is saying a range contains a date.

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Thank you, as always, for your help!

Setting the hour to midnight was what I needed.

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