Date/time picker not filtering results


I am stuck on filtering a repeating group by date. My filtering results turn up a blank page.

I have a “From” and “To” date/time picker selection. When a range of dates are selected & the search button is clicked > the workflow goes like this

Display list in repeating group “all invoices” > Data source “search for invoices” > Add constraint “invoice date is < or = to Date/time picker from’s value” and “invoice date is > or = to Date/time picker to’s value”

When I preview the page and select a date range…no data appears. What am I missing?

You’re doing it the wrong way round…

Currently you’re searching for invoices that are both less than, or equal to, the ‘from’ date (i.e. before the from date) AND ALSO more than, or equal to, the ‘to’ date (i.e. after the to date) - which is, of course, impossible (if an invoice only has a single date, that date can’t be both before your start date AND also after your end date) - hence why your data is empty.

You need to do it the other way round - search for invoices that are after the ‘from’ date AND before the ‘to’ date.

Yes got it. Thanks @adamhholmes

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