Constraint issues!

Hi everyone,

I’m actually working on an app on bubble and I’m meeting some problems with the constraint in the data source field. Indeed, I’ve two tables, one called picto_situation and the other picto_objet1. This two tables contains images. Each image has a type :

  • Hobby
  • Transport
  • Transaction

So what I want to do is to display the image of image1’s table on the first UI and according to the type of image choosen by the user on the first UI, it will display the image2’s table corrponding to the same type. For example, if the user choose an image of type hobby in the first screen (UI), so it will display only the images of type hobby on the second screen in the second UI. To achieve this kind of task, I’ve setted constraint in the data source of my repeating group but it doesn’t work. This is some screenshot to explain you my problem.

picto_objet1 picto_situation table1 table2

So could you help me to solve this problem and achieve this kind of task.



“type” is looking for an object called Picto_situation. But in the object “Picto_situation,” the field “Type” is a text. You have a data type mismatch.

I bet the error message says something like, “is expecting a Picto_situation but is given a text. Should be a Picto_situation.”

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