How to search multiple datatypes?

I have a repeating group w/ food items from different restaurants. Repeating group is of data type = food item

Two data types exist in my database:

  1. Data Type: Food item
    Field: dish name
    Field Restaurant

  2. Data Type: Restaurant
    Field: restaurant Name
    Field: location

I want to allow the user to set multiple constraints that apply to fields found in different datatypes. For example: constraint1 = tacos (which applies to dish name in data type 1) + constraint2 = Las Vegas (which applies to location in data type 2)

The problem is that when I try to set the constraints for the repeating group, it only allows me to set constrains for fields within data type1. I want to set constraints for fields found in datatype 1 AND datatype2

One solution is to put all the fields under one datatype but I really don’t want to do that. It will make the database really messy.

Any ideas?

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have a filter selection interface to show different rg

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Save your food data as a list of food items under the restaurant data type, the when you search your can search for restaurants and food items under restaurant.

Restaurant data

  • Name
  • Location
  • List of food items
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I tried that but it’s unfortunately not working

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