Not able to reference a data type in my Bubble app

I have three data types:

1. Brands: This has fields like brand name, URL, logo, etc.

2. Groups: This has fields like group name, logo, and “Group Brand” which is basically referencing the ‘brand’ data type.

3. Emails: This has fields like email screenshot, subject line, date, etc along with “email brand” which is again referencing the ‘brand’ data type.

Now, I have created a new page in the bubble and selected type of content as “groups

Now on this page, I want to display emails from brands who are part of the current page’s group.

However, I am not able to do so by "doing a search for email and then adding a condition of brand=current page’s group’s brand.

What am i missing here? Can somebody please help.

What does the issue checker say?

Oh, wait… it says 482 things… :flushed:

But it’s obviously a type mismatch.

Those issues are not related to this. i have cloned a page so i need to replace the data source for some elements.

Well the issue checker will tell you what the problem is.

But as I say, it’s a type mismatch (the issue checker will tell you exactly what).

If you can’t figure it out, share some screenshots of your datatypes.

It is saying that brand cannot be a list of brand.

Actually, the problem is each email is associated with a single brand but in a groups (as the name suggest) we have multiple brands so that field is a list of item.

Not able to understand how to solve this for showing all emails from brands who are part of that group.

Well there you go…

Your brand field is a list of Brands but you’re using the equals operator (=) in your constraint which is a singular operator.

without knowing what you’re trying to do, I can’t give much specific help…

But either you need to change your search constraint, or change your database structure.

(But I’m guessing you’re trying to find emails who’s Brand is in the current page Group’s list of Brands… in which case change your search constraint to that).