Constraint using two option set options

I’m trying to create a constraint on a dropdown menu that uses two option set options to filter down the list that displays. I’ve figured out how to get it to accept one option, but a second option stops a list from displaying completely. What I mean is I put in two statements: Status = Active’s Display and Status = Periodic’s Display.

The dropdown shows a list of associates and I want to filter out associates with statuses that are inactive, suspended, or banned (unauthorized individuals). So the constraint should read something like, Status = Active’s Display or Periodic’s Display.

Problem is Bubble does not allow me to choose and/or for this. How can I enter two options as a constraint?

Hi there, @bryan.beneker… if I understand your post correctly, you can probably use the merged with operator to merge two searches together. So, instead of doing Status = Active’s Display or Period’s Display, you would do a search with a constraint where Status = Active’s Display merged with a search with a constraint where Status = Period’s Display.

Hope this helps.


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If the data type field of ‘Status’ is the type of ‘text’ then you should be able to do this because matching with an option’s display is essentially just matching the text but I am pretty sure the capitalization of the words will need to be the same. If you set the data type field of ‘Status’ to an actual option and not a text such as Active Option Set or Periodic Option Set then you will never be able to match it with both option sets. If you are using text though, which I’m assuming you are due to your example then you can use an advanced filter after a Do a search and say ‘This Status is Active’s Display AND This Status is Periodic’s Display’. That is also assuming that Active and Periodic have the same Display at that time.

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Hi @mikeloc ! Goodness, you are a God send for me with this project. Thank you for your continued assistance!

Wasn’t sure how to merge searches, so I looked it up. Holy cow, I can see this being a game changer in certain situations! It worked perfectly. Thank you!

For those that come across this post looking for an answer, but aren’t sure how to go about doing it, this video demonstrates what to do.

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Thank you for the response, @williamtisdale . Yes, I have my statuses set up as text. I just use option sets to ensure data integrity. As you pointed out, it can become a real problem if we don’t force data to display the same every time.

I’m pretty new to Bubble, so I wasn’t sure on how to execute an advanced filter.

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