Constructor app automatically

Recently, I had an idea, I don’t know if it’s possible through Bubble, the more specialists if they can answer me …

I thought of an app that would generate other apps, in this case I would like my app to copy another app of mine automatically, without necessarily having to open my app, copy and send it to someone else… is it possible?

No. Not really. But you can construct an app and then sell a copy to someone and transfer ownership. But why? If that app is of any use, why not just make it multitenant and sell subs? Bubble is multitenant SaaS in a box.

See also historical threads here about “cad dmt”. Ha ha.

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Yes I know… It’s already what I do, build and sell the app and some SaaS. I was curious about the possibility of doing what I said above… For the case that I thought would be ideal.