Control group height with a text box

Hi bubblers!

I have a group that has a fixed height due to the video content.
In that group, there’s a title text. The hight of text changes from 1 to 3 lines. So it ends up changing the height of the box.

As I don’t want to truncate & hide title, I’m not able to control the hight of the box. Any ideas how to handle this?

Here are examples:


You may want to remove the title from the box with the video so that you can expand the element’s height as necessary. :slight_smile:

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Ah you’re right. It’s better to add the text in a desperate box…

it leads to an additional question. Is there way to automatically shrink font size when the text length is higher than the height of the text box?

Not at the moment, but this might be worth a post on our Ideaboard! :grinning:

You can do it thru the Conditional tab.

When Current Page width < 600 Font Size = 16
When Current Page width < 500 Font Size = 15
When Current Page width < 400 Font Size = 14

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I don’t know if I understand correctly, but if you want to shrink text depending on how much of characters text have, you can do this with conditional formating. But! the trick is that you need to save this title in some element state. For example you crate custom state on this text called “movieTitle”.

On the page load you need set state of this text Title to this movie tittle.

On the conditional formatting of this text you could setup something like this:

Hope I understand correctly and this will help :slight_smile:

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@kamil.tarczynski solution is much better than mine. I miss understood the problem.


That’s it! Thank you so much for pointing out!!

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