Controlling a ip devise?

Wondering if it’s possible to control a micro controller with a bubble app? I’m able to test the api with postman. But haven’t found any thing on if it’s possible to do it woth bubble. When I tried to use the ip address as the url it doesn’t work in

Yes it should be. Are you using Azure?

I’m very new to this. I’m not sure what Azure is. I used postman to test the api.

Who’s providing the api?

its just a esp32 connected to my local wifi just has a ip address

Have you installed the api connector and tried setting up a call there?

yes and i have tired through and it didn’t seem to work but will work with postman

Can you give me some example calls that’s working in postman?

its real simple right now just trying to figure everything out. Right now i just turn red led on and off and turn white led on and off

when i try it on bubble it says the host isnt valid

Can you provide an example? is what I do in postman and it works

Have you tried adding https://

@hllrzr22 I don’t think you can call the local address via the API connector. When you call the api via the API connector, API calling happens via the Bubbler server not the local browser.

Ankur@ Nocodetalks
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OK. Do you know if it’s possible to do in a different way?

Wasn’t there a recent Bubble update where you could run workflow actions in the client’s browser? I remember seeing something but I don’t find it now. If that’s the case, it might be possible to make a call to a 192. address. But it’s a hack.

Ways to accomplish this: :thinking:

  1. You could get an IP for your network and route the calls.
  2. Install a server like n8n in your network that has an external IP.

@rico.trevisan yes , you can call api via the browser but that only apply for “GET” call

OK thank you I’ll n8n.