Controlling Zoom on Search

How do we control the zoom with a search field?

I am trying to use the search box on mobile and finding that every time I try and search the screen zooms in too far that I cannot see the results and have to manually “pinch” and zoom out.

Is there a way of shutting of this functionally for mobile only and keeping it for desktop?


You’re probably talking about the automatic zoom that iphones do when you open an input. Since you usually have 2 versions of the same page for mobile and desktop, the best approach is probably a different design for both cases. Another option is to disactivate the zoom on phones, which you can do in the settings tab/metatags.

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Emmanuel is right on it!

Here is the code that worked for us:

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Also I noticed if I make the font to a size 18 or so that the mobile will not zoom on inputs and searches. Try it out. Was really helpful for me. Makes it look nicer without the zooming all the time. :smiley:

Edit: Just realized this is an old post. Well, it might help if someone is looking in the future so I guess I will leave my note as well.

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