Convert a list in texts to Things

Hey I have list seperated by comma like this :

tomato, apples, carrots

I would like to make a thing for each of this words using API workflow (like create a new thing for each words) but I’m not sure how to do this? Been searching for an answer but I can’t find it.

I can’t do this manually because it’s from the user sides. I need to store them in a new datatype for hashtag purposes,

Hey @sujaya.jason,

You haven’t said where the list will be provided, so I’ve assumed an input element. Here’s a sample of creating a new thing for each phrase that is separated by a comma:

Create an API endpoint that accepts the value you will be adding:

In that endpoint, add an action to create the new thing (in my example a thing called random with a field called text using the value provided):

On the user page, you schedule that endpoint on a list (my trigger is a button press):

The List to run on, is made by parsing the input element value using regex, and then trimming away any white space on the ends.

Here’s the regex pattern:


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You can use the textlist server side action available as part of bdk utilities plugin.