Split comma data API into set list in a workflow

Hi, I am struggling to turn a comma separated data, which I receive using Open-AI API, to multiple things in the DB.
I am using open-ai to go through url and get three keywords:for example: fintech, economy, employee
I want to create a new thing, of type TOPIC, from each one.

I have tried so many things but can’t make it.
I did manage to split by: and get three different output. But this when I don’t create a new thing, just display this data in a group. See below.

I was trying to create a recurrent too, in the backend, but didn’t figure it out. I didn’t know what to add in the workflow as the thing name text field. Nothing was working.

I was also trying a simple workflow to create a thing, but I can’t find a way to create multiple things at once.

Hey @amirt :wave:

I would run it on the backend workflow as a type TEXT list. Then loop through each of those values and create a new thing for each text thing in your list.

Does that make sense?

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OMG! TEXT should be the key type in the backend workflow!
Thank you so much. I kept trying to make it using TOPIC (data type) and in the frontend workflow it didn’t work, no matter what I tried.

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So glad that helped. :blush::raised_hands: Keep up the good work.

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