Convert a List of Things into Things

Hi There !
How to convert a List of Things into Things?

I got a field named Leads, whose value is that
clientes = anna, paul, cris…

I wanna convert this field in another DB name clientes

  1. anna
  2. paul
  3. cris

I’ve already converted my CVS field to a list of things…
Now, how to create a thing for each member from my “list of things”?

I’ve tried using scheduled API BackEnd Workflow, can’t figure out what I’m missing…

Any Help?

I would suggest creating each lead as a thing first, then adding each user to your list.

That way, you’ve got them set up individually and tied to each other, so you can export the list or edit each one individually.

Hi @augusto1 :wave:

You need to Schedule API workflow on a list. This is going to work :+1:

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I couldn’t cause all data is in one field, like a CVS…

I’ve got a field that has clientes = client1, client2, client3
I’ve converted to a list;
There is no action to save in DB, since it only runs in a list itself…

If you converted the text “client1, client2, client3” in a list of text, you can run the workflow on this list.

In backend, select the command to “Create a new thing” and create your new users.

Which command should I use? I’m really stucked on that :slight_smile:
Cause, a Scheduled API runs only on a list that is in the DB
I used a plugin to convert a single text line to a List of Things
How can I run the workflow on this list without having it inside a DB?

Here is what I’ve done

Change the Output As to Text.
Just after this action, place another action called Schedule API workflow on a list and select the list generated in your workflow’s first step. Also, text.


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