Convert longitude and the latitude to address


I created an endpoint workflow

that receive api request with a langitude and the latitude body

And the endpoint convert the langitude and the latitude to address and return it to the caller details as follows :

  • [ ] Street address
  • [ ] State
  • [ ] City
  • [ ] Country
  • [ ] Postal code
    Any idea how to do it thank you

Bubble has an operation where you can supply lat/lng values and it returns a formatted address, if that’s what your after.


Hi thank you for sharing , I tried it but it’s doesn’t give me the full details

Its just returning the plus code :

Do you need an API to do this if you set yourself up for Google?

Mine is converted straight in the form

You need to set up Google Maps API settings under your general tab

Cheers John

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Hi thank you for sharing

Yet not returning the full Details of address

You might have to share your results and setup then . This definitely works and you can send the result of the field to the database.


You are still using your API. You don’t need to do that. Just setup the google API keys

and use a field with address type like in my example. You can create a workflow to store the value in the field to your database from there.

@johnnyweb @pork1977gm

Thanks for your help
It solved
I found after the calculate address syntax there is extract option , you can extract many component like :street name ,floor number …etc

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