ConvertKit - anyone using?


I’m currently using mailchimp but am thinking of trying out ConvertKit.

I’ve recently heard some great things about ConvertKit and how it allows for tagging of users based on their activity rather than using segments in MailChimp.

Anyone else using CK? I’m curious to know how well you can connect your Bubble App user actions to CK.


Hi Jen,

I’m in the process of migrating my MailChimp and that of an important client to ConvertKit. I’m psyched about the architecture being subscriber-centric vs list centric. There’s more than just the tagging including landing pages and integrated lead capture incentives. It really makes creating automated follow up sequences pain free. The only downside I’ve found is that they don’t have the same kind of drag and drop email templates as MailChimp. They encourage simpler, more personal emails and I got into more CSS than I usually do in order to create a clean template that I like.

Does this help? I’m happy to discuss more.

Jon Leland
Digital Marketing Strategist & Mentor


I started playing just yesterday with some test accounts and so far it looks great. I think I’m going to make the switch for a few months and see how it goes.

I’m most looking forward to being able to utilize is all those tags, especially allowing the user to tag themselves.


I currently use Drip, which has an awesome API. I’ve got it hooked up to Bubble to apply tags for - when a user takes a course, updates their progress, etc. You can then automate email sequences based on those actions. I’m a big fan

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Hi Brent

conscious this is a very old thread, but I am also planning to use a lot of email sequencing…are you able to share if you are still using drip? I am currently deciding between activecampaign and drip, and wondering which works best with bubble.

thanks in advance!

Hey @darius, since posting this I’ve switched over to ConvertKit - they have an API similar to Drip that makes it pretty easy to apply tags to users. I switched because they seem to be doing a better job with deliverability and user-friendly forms. Hope that helps!

We use Autopilot and it’s the best solution I’ve ever used

@help @brentsum

Thanks both for your input.

Had either of you considered “activecampaign” in your selection? My initial research had suggested convertkit was more optimised for “blogs”, and also I read that they charge for “deleted subscribers” still ie counted towards a quota

Will check out autopilot…I’d never heard before.


Signed up for AC and although the website is really nice, the actual software was really clunky and old school (I can only presume they are working on a new design at the moment).

Autopilot is the best by far, and it’s actually a tool i look forward and have fun using, which is weird.

Interesting thanks! Do you connect to autopilot from bubble using their API?

Yes so you get an endpoint for each Autopilot Journey, so you can set each one you create in Autopilot to trigger in Bubble, for example if a user hasn’t created any Topics in Announcefly after 2 days, it hits the Autopilot endpoint for the journey so we can add the user to the ‘What happened’ journey where they get emails helping them get set up. Very powerful stuff

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