Copy a list of things returning a empty search

Hi all! I’ve been trying to create default seed data to my app: upon creation a company, I need to create a list of tasks that is going to be the same for all companies, copied from a sample data I already have on the database.

Currently, I created this list of tasks with no company assigned to it and, upon creation of the company, I’m copying this list of tasks with no company, then making changes to it, attributing the newly created company.

The thing is: Bubble, for some reason, is not “finding” this first list to copy. Inspecting the debugger, I noticed that, in the workflow to copy a list of things, my Search for Tasks, type Tasks where company is empty is returning empty, completing ignoring the sample data there is indeed there with no company assigned. I’m copying the data to the same data type (Tasks).

Any thoughts of what might be causing it?

Hi there, @avintobr… two things come to mind on this one. First, do you have any privacy rules in place on the Task data type that might be getting in the way of the search? Second, are you sure it’s not a database thing where the seed data exists in one database (development vs. live) and not the other?


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Hi there @mikeloc, it was indeed a privacy rule that was getting in the way. Thank you for your help!
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