List of Things is Empty in Live

Hi Bubblers,
I have a very very basic repeating group which displays a list of things from a data type/table.

In development mode, the list of things populates without issue. It displays correctly in every responsive view.

When I deploy though, the list of things is empty and the debugger confirms it is empty. There are no user roles on the data type/table - the type is visible to everyone. There are no conditions on the repeating group or the individual data elements.

It worked and now it doesn’t work. Hopefully this is a small thing I’m missing. I appreciate any help.

Hi @jhellman,

Your app has a separate database for each environment. If you switch your app’s editor to live mode (upper right corner), then check out your database, you’ll see that the data is different.

You can copy data between versions in Data > App Data. Just keep in mind that copying = overwrite. So, copying from live to test is safer than test to live once you’ve got live users. Hope this helps!

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That was the issue. Many, many thanks to you for the answer and quick reply!

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