Copy/paste one expression into another expression

Is it possible to paste one expression into another expression and have it become a new, combined expression? Example:
In a text box I have an expression that that I need to subtract from another expression. I first paste in an expression from another text box, then click “more…” to select the math symbol, then I want to paste in an expression I copied from another text box. However when I do this the first expression I pasted is replaced with the second expression.

I’ve tried this so many times/ways but haven’t been able to get it to work.


It is possible. You may need custom states to help. Such as to store the original expression, the math symbol selected…then your second text box would use dynamic data to reference the custom states.

However, if you are trying to perfrom the calculation there is no reason to have the expressions copy from one text box to another unless you are trying to teach how to do the caluculation and need to show a user each step of the function.

Otherwise just store all the inputs ( which should be used an input element instead of text ) to capture the input the user places as a number to perform math. All these would be stored in custom states to help with order of operations before performing the final result caluclation which the result could be displayed in a text box, again using dynamic data to reference the appropriate custom states.

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