Copying a Collection of Things


So I have a collection of Things - in this case an Event, which references a single “Settings” Thing and variable quantities of “Day” and “Price” Things. (see diagram below). The Day and Price Things reference the Event they belong to.

I want to make a copy of the complete structure, so I end up with a new Event, new Settings, and new Days and Prices, all referencing to each other. I want the user to be able to immediately start editing that structure once the copy is done. As it turns out, there will probably be no more than 10 Day and Price things.

Here is what I have tried

  • Copy List action
    But this just copies the list itself and not the Things in the list

  • API workflow
    But it seems quite tricky to get all the cross-referencing re-built.

  • Manual Loop for Up to 10 Items
    Detect the length of the each list (Prices and Days) and have a Custom Event which copies up to 10 times, and terminates when the list length has been reached.
    This is pretty ugly, but works well - I have used it before.

  • Or… Can You Suggest A Better Idea?
    In which case I’d love to hear it!



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