Copying a list of objects and its sublists

I need to build an app for questionaries. The catch is that the questionaries should be able to be modified by an admin user. Each questionary should have categories, each category would have questions and each question would have options each option with a weight (ex good-3, fair-2, bad-1).

I already have built a structure in which I have a questionary data type with a field made of a list of categories. Each category data type have the name of the category and a list of questions. Each question have the question and a list of options. The options data type has the option name and the weight value (1,2,3).

I build the admin interface to add, delete and edit the categories, questions and options but the problem comes when trying to fill out a questionary. I tried creating a copy of the Categories but the questions inside the categories were the same as in the original categories, so any changes there would affect the original template.

Any suggestion on the estructure I should use or the way to copy a list with copies of its sublists?


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Bumping this issue, did you ever come up with a solution?

Not really I havent been able to actually solve this

I think it can be solved with a series of nested API list workflows, I’ll let you know.

So, I was able to do an actually copy of an object with nested list, multiple levels deep.

Essentially you have to create a series of API workflows that recreate the object from top to bottom using the default copy function.

I’m doing this but copies are incomplete!